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Appearance White granular solid powder
Volatile Matter (%) ≤1.0
Apparent Density g/cm³ 0.25-0.40
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PVC Plastic Impact Agent EM-707、EM-807 Series

Product Description

EM-807 is a new opaque high-impact pipe product developed by our company. The product adopts advanced particle size enlargement technology and unique emulsification technology, grafted new monomers, and generated core-shell type MBS with excellent impact strength, which significantly improves the impact resistance of the product under the condition of non-destructive PVC resin inherent properties. Except widely used in PVC pipe products, it is also used in opaque sheet products.

EM-707 is a new transparent high impact product developed by our company, which adopts advanced polymerization technology and drying process. It has good thermal stability and significantly improves impact resistance without damaging the inherent properties of PVC resin.

Technical Index




White granular solid powder

Particle Size (20 mesh Pass Rate)(%)


Volatile Matter (%)


Apparent Density g/cm³



EM-707 products are used in PVC transparent products (such as calendered hard sheet, plate, material particle, non-outdoor pipe, pipe fittings, plastic products, etc.), the product has good coloring performance and transparency, and can be used in PVC natural color sheet or white light sheet, generally applied sheet thickness 0.2mm-0.6mm. Any special requirements, it can be customized.

EM-807 is suitable for ordinary PVC opaque injection products, injection pipe, pipe fittings, extruded pipe, wear resistant pipe, opaque sheet, magnetic card, etc..

Storage, Packaging and Transportation

This product is sealed in a woven bag lined with plastic bags, and is accompanied by the product qualification certificate.

Trademark, production name, product net weight, product batch number should be marked on the outside of the package.

This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder, belongs to the non-dangerous goods, and is transported according to the non-dangerous goods treatment, which should strictly prevent from the sun and rain. This product is stored in a cool and ventilated place, with a shelf life of one year. After one year, it can still be used if there is no change after performance measurement.