From January to July, the total profits oFrom January to July, the total profits of chemical enterpr

2022-07-11 17:08

From January to July, the total profits of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 3,523.59 billion yuan, up 6.9% year on year and 0.7% higher than that in the first six months of this year. Among them, the total profits of the chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry increased by 13.2% year-on-year.

From January to July, among industrial enterprises above designated size, the total profits of state-owned holding enterprises reached 651.26 billion yuan, down 6.1% year on year. Total profits of collective enterprises reached 25.54 billion yuan, down 0.5%; The total profits of joint-stock enterprises reached 2,412.39 billion yuan, up 7.9%; The total profits of foreign-invested enterprises and those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reached 874.86 billion yuan, up 6.8%; The total profits of private enterprises reached 1,242.45 billion yuan, up 8.7%.

From January to July, among 41 industrial categories, the total profits of 30 industries increased year-on-year, one was flat, and 10 decreased. The profits of the main industries are as follows: the textile industry grew by 6.1%; the processing of petroleum, coking and nuclear fuel grew by two times; the manufacturing of chemical raw materials and chemical products grew by 13.2%; the manufacturing of non-metallic mineral products grew by 7.8%; and the smelting and rolling of ferrous metals grew by 1.3 times. The manufacturing of specialized equipment grew by 7.1%; the manufacturing of automobiles by 8%t; the manufacturing of electrical machinery and equipment by 16.3%; the manufacturing of computers, communications and other electronic equipment by 17.7%; the manufacturing of coal mining and washing by 19%; and the manufacturing of general equipment by 0.3%. Electricity and heat production and supply fell 4.5%, while oil and gas extraction swung from a profit to a loss.